A complete WatchOS companion for ParkRun

ParkRunnings is a complete Apple Watch app for managing your next ParkRun race. Scan your barcode, find nearby events & view course maps all from that little dingus on your wrist.

Clock your next PB by shedding some weight - ditch the phone, and run your next race with ParkRunnings.

ParkRunnings is not affiliated with either ParkRun or ❄️🇯🇲 Cool Runnings 🇯🇲❄️. Any similarities in naming are purely coincidental.


TLDR: Your personal data never leaves your device. I will never do anything creepy with it.

ParkRunnings deals with two types of personally identifiable data:

  • Personal: Your name, runner number and race times
  • Location: Your current coordinates [Optional]

Your personal data is requested explicitly as part of the normal set up process of the application. Additionally, location data is also requested during this process but is not required for normal use, it simply enables additional features of the application.

After providing a runner number, your other personal data such as your name and race times are pulled directly from the official ParkRun website. Your information is only stored locally on your Apple Watch, and never leaves your device. Your data will never be sold, provided to or used by any third parties, for any reason.

You have the option to transmit crash logs and various performance statistics to Apple, and thereby to me. Your personal information is never included in any of these data dumps.